Half-Day OSCE Coaching

We believe that success does not come from regurgitating rote-learned templates. Nor does it come from medical knowledge alone. Instead, success depends on fully understanding what is being asked (your tasks), which specific sample of your knowledge is required, and performing the tasks efficiently.

This is a half-day small-group or individual performance coaching for ACEM OSCE candidates. The session will focus on essential skills such as:

  • Key data interpretation (from OSCE stem, role-players and examiners)
  • Communication (active listening, verbal proficiency)
  • Situational awareness

Deliberate practice with high-fidelity OSCEs involves an actor and examiner. Feedback is complemented by videos of candidates’ performances.

Fee: $650.00. Lunch included.

21st February, 1000hrs to 1400hrs.

Banyan Tree Resort (how to get there)


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OSCE Coaching Bintan, Indonesia