Dr Don Liew

Dr Don Liew

Don is an Emergency Physician who has passion for healthcare education. He created exam preparation short courses when preparing for his own exam as a trainee in 2001, recognising the need for high-fidelity, high-quality practice.

Don also provides individualised exam coaching and mentoring for health professionals.

Ashleigh Redmond

An emergency nurse of more than 10 years’ experience, Ash is passionate about patient care and clinical education.

Ash brings to TEEMwork her other passion of professional acting, making her the perfect role-player, confederate or debrief facilitator in our courses and coaching sessions.

Ashleigh Redmond


“Hi Don

I passed! Thanks for all your help. By the way wanted to say you … have inspired me!”

Short Course Attendee and Coaching Client, October 2023

“The course was well organised. Great examiners, role players and content.”

Short Course Attendee and Performance Coaching Candidate, March 2023

“I found the course really useful. The format was realistic and challenging (in a good way).

Having time to speak with examiners with a wide range of experience from different parts of the country was also beneficial.

It has helped me identify areas that I need to focus on in the next few weeks.”

Short Course Attendee, March 2023

“One great thing I learnt from you was how to support someone with compassion.”

Performance Coaching Candidate, March 2023

“Thank you for everything you did to help me.

Even though we had such limited time – I really think your coaching and course made the difference, especially with technique. Thank you so much.”

Short Course Attendee and Coaching Client, October 2023

“I passed!

I couldn’t have done it without you and I can’t thank you enough for all you help and support 🙏”

OSCE Performance Coaching Client, October 2023